06 January 2011

Autodesk Revit Designs: Villa dall'ava

Villa dall'ava was designed by Rem Koolhaas in 1991.
Located in Paris, France.

I designed the Villa in Revit, simply using floor plans of the actual Villa and images of the interior and exterior.

exterior revit perspective

north elevation
west elevation
south elevation
east elevation
exterior & interior perpspectives

106 Parrish St. Durham NC

Collaboration with Kalani Gonzalez
 Mixed-use design_ Wine Bar / Studio Apartments
Section view
Entry Level: Purple Feet Wine Bar
Lower Level
Upper Level 
Entry Level Lighting Plan
Entry Level Power & Communication Plan
Entry Level Reflected Ceiling Plan
Lower Level Finished Floor Plan
Lower Level Power & Communication Plan
Lower Level Lighting Plan
Lower Level Reflected Ceiling Plan
Upper Level Finished Floor Plan
Upper Level Power & Communication Plan
Upper Level Lighting Plan
Upper Level Reflected Ceiling Plan