14 November 2009

Foods Lab Process

Here are some of the sketches from my Foods Lab journal that convey some of my thought process throughout the whole project.  The color scheme of the kitchen was a huge issue when I was figuring out the details of my design.  I knew what I wanted the kitchen to look like and how energized and exciting I wanted it to be, but  I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to go about conveying all of these ideas.  I didn't want the room to be too over powering and bright to the point of making the people inside of the space sick, and overwhelmed.  I finally came up with the color scheme of the middle cabinet example below.  

I knew that Anna specifically said she didn't really want cabinets, however for awhile I played around with the thought of still including them within the design, but later got ride of the whole idea, and moved more towards open shelves beneath the workstations.