01 April 2009

Third Skin

 [Illumination]_ in studio this week we have been working on the 3rd skin project. With this project we had to think of a monumental moment in our lives, and find an object in nature that resembles our story and take the object from nature and use it as inspiration for our light source. The main thing with this project is to play with natural light. I designed my light source with a lot of natural shapes and layers of different sizes, which in turn creates a lot of shadows. This project was different from previous projects we’ve done in studio because of the fact that we had to design something that worked with lighting. As designers it’s important to understand how lighting can affect a space and how it truly works, and this project helped to give a small taste of that understanding. Every movement creates a new view, a new shadow, a new idea to explore.

Here are some photographs of my 3rd skin project.