17 September 2009

Color Study

For project 7, our assignment was to choose one of Maud Gaetweood paintings and utilize the paintings set of colors as inspiration for the perspectives we created in sketchup.  Then we had to trace our sketchup perspectives and render them in the colors from the painting we chose.  However each perspective had to be different.  One had to be a loose drawing, where you get
the general idea of the perspective, not worrying about accuracy, the other was supposed to be in between an accurate and a loose drawing and the last was supposed to be a perfectly rendered perspective.
Above is the Maud Gatewood painting that I used as my inspiration for the set of colors for my perspectives.  I picked this painting because I thought that it had a lot of variety and it expressed Maud's painting style very well.

This is my loose drawing, where I used very quick strokes to get the general idea of the furniture and shapes and textures.  I did this drawing on sketch paper, which has a very different reaction to the Prisma colors markers than the vellum that I used for the last two drawings.  The sketch paper absorbs the markers a lot more making the colors have a different tone to them as opposed to when using vellum.
In this drawing I focused a little more on my line weight and making sure that the lines were more accurate than the drawing above.  I took more time on the drawing.
This is my final drawing where I used a ruler my drafting board to make sure the lines were perfect and that everything was accurate.  I focused on line weight and worked on perfecting the furniture look not only in drawing and rendering them but also adding textures.