16 November 2009

Foods Lab-Tennis

Below are the 4 perspective that I used on my board when presenting my Foods Lab design.  I think that all of the perspectives do a great job in allowing people to understand the space, however I will be adding a few more perspectives, and touching up my already existing perspectives for the final presentation of this project to the actual nutrition students and professor.

workstation: perspective showing the open cabinetry, easy access, and the "L"shape design of the workstations.
Showing student cubbies, and appliances that line the outer walls of the room creating fluidity throughout the space and working with the "L" shaped workstations.  I wanted students to have all the essentials in very close reach, yet still leaving plenty of room for them to not feel uncomfortable and as if they were on top of each other as they cooked.
This is a perspective of the teaching station, which is a raised platform to create hierarchy.  This perspective will be redone, for the final presentation in front of the nutrition students and the professor.  I did not take enough care to the ceilings, and the flooring...which is basically non existent since I did not render them, which I will be changing.

This perspective was used to allow the viewer to better understand the space, showing the ends of two of the workstation and giving  a frontal view of the teacher station.