26 April 2010


The images below are the final renderings of my redesigned women's correctional facility single cell.

Auto CAD furniture&dimensioned floor plan.

Above is a model of the space.
view from the hand-washing station
view from hallway entrance
view from desk
view of outside zen garden
view from zen garden entrance

25 April 2010

Communal Library.

Our group wanted to focus on enriching the atmosphere with fresh, crisp colors to help encourage the educational aspect of the room as well as to make a small closed in space seem more open  As shown in the above floor plan.  There are 4 main tables each seating two people.  The media center when referencing the floor plan is located all the way to the left on the back wall of the library.  This area is where inmates can come and have limited internet access.  
When designing the space we had a very limited amount of space to work with, and they key was to do as much as we could without making the library overwhelming and overbearing.

The following images of the fully designed communal library was a collaborative design :

Above: This is a view of the check in, located at the entrance of the library. 
Above:  View from the check in desk
Above: Reading nook 
Above:  View from main seating and tables
Above:  Detail of the seating and table.  Tables custom designed by Greg Hickman

21 April 2010

Library Floor Plan process work.

My first attempt at designing the layout/floor plan to our communal library. When designing this layout I was focusing on trying to seat as many as possible, however this completely went against the intentions of keeping the space open and welcoming.  The space isn't big enough for 8 tables. As a group we decided to change the 8 to 4, which in turn allowed for us to make the tables a whole foot wider.  This new floor plan is seen in the next post.

16 April 2010


In studio we have started our last and final project of the semester.  Redesigning a prison.  
I've chosen to focus on the rehabilitation aspect of prison.  The reason that people are
 sentenced to a specified amount of time in prison is because they need to make some changes; because what they have done or what they are doing is not a positive way of contributing to society. However with that in mind, is it necessarily right or helpful to place the people in a concrete cell with metal bars, absolutely no privacy and strip them of their dignity?  It's hard to say whether this is right or wrong.  Because then you start to think that maybe it should depend on the severity of the crime, or if they are a habitual offender.  

Keeping all of this in mind, I have decided to design my cell for a very  minimum security prisoner, and mainly focused on rehabilitation, meditation, and contemplation.

process sketches.& precedents.

15 April 2010

Logo Designs:Visual Communication II

In visual communication design we have been playing around with illustrator creating our own logo designs.  For my logo I wanted something fresh and different.  I really liked the abstracted flower graphic and I decided to play around with that a lot when trying to create my logo.  Here are the first 15 iterations.

There's something about dandelions...