16 April 2010


In studio we have started our last and final project of the semester.  Redesigning a prison.  
I've chosen to focus on the rehabilitation aspect of prison.  The reason that people are
 sentenced to a specified amount of time in prison is because they need to make some changes; because what they have done or what they are doing is not a positive way of contributing to society. However with that in mind, is it necessarily right or helpful to place the people in a concrete cell with metal bars, absolutely no privacy and strip them of their dignity?  It's hard to say whether this is right or wrong.  Because then you start to think that maybe it should depend on the severity of the crime, or if they are a habitual offender.  

Keeping all of this in mind, I have decided to design my cell for a very  minimum security prisoner, and mainly focused on rehabilitation, meditation, and contemplation.

process sketches.& precedents.