15 November 2009

Foods Lab-Tennis

Concept: Tennis
In studio we just finished working on our second project of the three projects we will be doing all semester.  We had to re design the foods lab kitchen that the nutrition students utilize for learning.  The whole entire kitchen had to be sustainable and the professor gave us a list of all of the appliances and spatial needs she wanted.   The concept for the kitchen had to be a productive system, and I chose tennis.  I wanted to convey the rhythmic movement in tennis through my design, and focused on continuity, fluidity, and movement.  Two workstations which allowed for ten students at each station created an "L" shape in the middle of the space, allowing for easy access to all ingredients and appliance, and plenty of room for all students to be comfortable as they work, and for the teacher to be able to teach and demonstrate as well.

Below are a few perspectives that I drew of my finished space.