25 April 2010

Communal Library.

Our group wanted to focus on enriching the atmosphere with fresh, crisp colors to help encourage the educational aspect of the room as well as to make a small closed in space seem more open  As shown in the above floor plan.  There are 4 main tables each seating two people.  The media center when referencing the floor plan is located all the way to the left on the back wall of the library.  This area is where inmates can come and have limited internet access.  
When designing the space we had a very limited amount of space to work with, and they key was to do as much as we could without making the library overwhelming and overbearing.

The following images of the fully designed communal library was a collaborative design :

Above: This is a view of the check in, located at the entrance of the library. 
Above:  View from the check in desk
Above: Reading nook 
Above:  View from main seating and tables
Above:  Detail of the seating and table.  Tables custom designed by Greg Hickman