24 February 2010

First Iteration: Podium Studio Apartment Rendering

In my computer design class we have just started to learn and utilize podium rendering within sketchup.  These are my first two iterations of my studio apartment renderings.  With these renderings I was working on becoming comfortable with the program and working with applying textures and lights.  

21 February 2010

Peace of Mind.

In studio we were prompted to build a shelter for daydreaming, in which all of the materials had to be found objects.  The main reason for this project had to do with the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  Understanding the importance of being able to utilize and make the best of what is around you.
The shelter itself was built for one person to be able to comfortably sit and rest within.  My group utilized recycled wood, beer bottles, cd's, and fabrics. The huge obstacle of the project was that we could not completely build the whole shelter until the day it was due. In order to accommodate with the guidelines of the project we divided the shelter into pieces.  The roof, The slant[ cd's], which connects the roof to the back wall, the back wall [beer bottles], the two sides, and the floor.

Below is a picture of the back exterior wall of the shelter.

Precedent Analysis:
When I was looking for ideas and inspirations for our shelter, I came across this awesome wall of recycled wine bottles, which completely inspired the back wall of the shelter.  

This photo is from: treehugger.com an amazing website which conveys very efficient "going green" ideas and ways of life.

02 February 2010

Trial and Error.

Below is the final photoshop edited composition; conveying my two words: luminous&confused.